Weebly Store Locator Plus ® - Weebly Map Locations and Directory Builder
Weebly Store Locator Plus ® - Weebly Map Locations and Directory Builder

With Weebly Store Locator Plus®, adding store location maps, location-based directories and location lists on Weebly has never been easier! Embedding the Weebly Store Locator Plus® plugin into your Weebly website is simple, and Weebly Store Locator Plus® allows you to create Weebly Interactive Maps, add Weebly Store Locations Map with Multiple Locations, build Powerful Directory Websites with Weebly and SO MUCH MORE!

Weebly Store Locator Plus® is an easy-to-use directory and map plugin for Weebly that can enhance and expand the abilities of your Weebly website.

Weebly Store Locator Plus® is the next generation of Weebly directory builder and location management technology. This fully managed SaaS service brings location-based directory building to Weebly websites, and Weebly Store Locator Plus® is now available to all Weebly users.

Weebly Store Locator Plus® is easy to use and customizable to fit your needs.

Features of Weebly Store Locator Plus®

125 to 15,000 locations – supports even the largest directories with thousands of locations.   Ask about custom pricing for more than 15,000 locations.

Thousands of map views – let us worry about the map service fees with enough volume for all but the busiest sites.

Unlimited categories – categorize your locations and help your visitors find which of your locations meet their needs.

GPS location sensor – automatically detects the user’s location so they don’t have to type in an address to find places closest to their current location.

CSV import and export – get our location list loaded up quickly from other lists or create a list to edit locations quickly via a spreadsheet or other app.

Full control over search form and results layout – stylize the look and feel of the directory or map to match your site.  You have full control without needing to know HTML or CSS.

Map color scheme and element styling – want to change how the map itself looks?  Our advanced options allow you to tailor the map to not look like every other map.

Feature locations – put the best locations first or highlight them to make them stand out.

Scheduled CSV imports – need to update locations on a regular basis from an external data source?  We’ve got you covered.

Advanced reporting  – see where people are looking for your locations and how well your current locations are serving their needs.

Territories – set territories to filter results to those that service your site visitor’s address.

Clustered map markers – get rid of marker clutter with cluster map markers showing a circle with a count of locations when markers start stacking on top of each other.

Weebly Store Locator Plus® Makes Beautiful Maps

Add Weebly Store Locator Plus® to create beautiful maps, list locations or build powerful directories on your Weebly website.

“I started using the Weebly Store Locator on my Weebly website and am so happy to have found it! Its easy to embed, easy to use and has so many features. This has changed what I can do with my Weebly website. Love it!”

Anna B – Small Business Owner in San Francisco, CA